I am a philosopher of formal sciences (logic, mathematics, and computer science) born in Carazinho, a small city in the south of Brazil. I lived there dancing between multiple focuses until I was 17 – when I left for Santa Maria to start my studies in Philosophy.

Since early in my undergraduate years I have been teaching logic and philosophy – at first in preparatory courses and later in three Brazilian universities.

I always had multiple philosophical curiosities and interests, and I believe that my training in logic greatly facilitated my transit through different disciplinary spaces throughout my career.

I am currently an associate professor of Philosophy at the Federal University of Santa Maria. Between 2020 and 2020 I have spent a sabbatical in France with a grant from a CAPES-Cofecub project on the contemporary interactions between philosophy and computer science.

My main current interest lies in combining my abilities as a philosopher with my dedication to pedagogical issues and my recently ignited passion for recovering forgotten figures (specially women) in the history of philosophy, logic, and the sciences. I am still dancing between multiple focuses.